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x-posted to my personal journal. already stamped, but i need your help :)

everyone always thinks I'm ugly or boring. i "applied" at youarenotcool, + was definatley not cool there. I posted at some random "ARE YOU HOT" community, + of course, I wasn't hot. I know I'm not ugly. I know I'm not boring. You just have to know me in real life though to understand that shit I guess. ANYWAYS- I just want to fucking be accepted into some rating communities; so I can tell people how I feel. I am a good judge. BELIEVE ME! ;)

OK SO...
I hate my bangs. A friend burned the top part of my forehead, so I had to get my bangs cut. haha, I KNOW. I am sick of them + am now growing them out, since the burn is completely gone.

I also don't like smiling/looking directly into the camera. I don't know why, but I think it's just because I'm kinda new at this.

If you don't like what you see + plan on telling me what to change, don't waste your time. I won't change anything. It's rare that I will even agree with you. But if you want to try, gah be my guest, I guess..

These are all the pictures I could stand looking at of myself, the rest were deleted. There's only a few shown that I actually LIKE. The other ones were deleted because I absolutely hated them.

OK so you are going to think I look like an idiot in at least some of them. Just tell me from all the pictures what you think, + which 5 you like the best [the numbers are under each picture]. It's out of 18 so beware.

Pick 5

^#1 silly, but tough??

^#2 most recent picture, from august 6th. my digi cam broke the day after :(


^#4 right after I bleached my hair, august 4th.







^#11 blowing kissies. i think it's cute!


^#13 more kisses?

^#14 i'm fond of this picture :)



^#17 this is my white trash picture that i LOVE


ok that's it..I know, I take wierd pictures..
ANYWAYS- so just tell me what 5 you think are the best
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