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Listen Up!!!

Okay, I'm the only mod we have here now. So, since i agree with my buddy lauren about the whole beauty and judginf thing, i think we should just change this community from a rating one into something intelligent. you can still post pictures if you want. i don't care who joins as along as they are respectful. why not learn from each other? anyways, i'm moving right now and so i won't be online for a long time. now while i'm gone, be good kiddies, or else there's gonna be hell to pay when i get back *enter evil laugh here* lol, j/k but still. don't be stupid. you know what, i'd still love for people to post pictures. express yourself. beauty lies in the heart, remember that. later days!
<3 Samantha

and you can check out my diary if you want. just click on my name.

Vampires are super sexy!!!lol
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